Located in the center of Europe, Helio Lights curates the best on the lighting market. In a world of lighting that is continuously in evolution, both in design and technology, we guide our clients with our expertise to select the best designs available. Our selection of products is marked by their craftmanship, the use of natural and raw materials and begin assembled with great care. The selection of our items is never available in mass productions.

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Helio lights represents the worlds most appreciated and authentic lighting labels in the world.
Our selection of brands involves renowned artists as also the discovery of young and promising designers and rising stars of design.
Due to our close contact with the designers and creators whose work is respected around the world, we are able to provide bespoke pieces on request for our clients. Discover our unique approach and point of view in our showroom.

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Are you an architect, interior design, private client,… with pleasure we guide you with our knowledge and expertise and show you are insights on the market of lighting today. We deliver top notch expertise both on design aspect as on the technical side of lighting. There for our experience in light and home automation control is unmatched.

Searching for that unique vintage piece or limited editions? Let us amaze you by our professional global network of antique and vintage dealers. Our large network of connections can get you that one unique piece that can complete the look of your interior.


The curated selection by Helio lights is available for those who expect the most out from their interiors and are on the search for that high-end quality of unique pieces.

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Join us for a cup of coffee in our showroom and be inspired by our passion for lighting

Artist & designers

Meet the crafstmen behind our unique selection of the brands we respresent. These are the people, artists, visionaires beyond these stunning designs. 

Discover them.