100% Light

Founded in 2004, 100%LIGHT® has profiled itself over the years as the perfect partner in the production of your lighting architecture.

Backed by the experience of its founder, Charles-Emmanuel Heurion, and his partner, Ing. Tom Rebry, 100%LIGHT® has been in business for over fifteen years, offering solutions to all your lighting needs.

They are convinced that Belgian knowhow is not an empty concept: the components are all manufactured, milled or pressed by highly qualified Belgian subcontractors and assembled in our company.

When developing new creations, 100%LIGHT® not only strives for great design and a perfect finish, but also pays much attention to the lighting comfort. What they achieve through a wide range of beams and lenses.

Today, 100%LIGHT® is exporting to more than 18 countries. They provide a wide range of lighting fixtures in which we are able to find the perfect solution for your residential, retail, outdoor or other lighting projects.

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